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From René de Vries <>
Subject RE: New user question
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2006 09:30:57 GMT
We're still running a home grown system, where the crawler fills a database. We're using Lucene
to index this database. However, the crawler needs updating to be able to deal with more complex
(javascript) sites.

This is what I ecently came across:
Very well documented classes & examples.

Also, to deal with the difficulties that Javascript sites can impose, this seems interesting:


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From: [] 
Sent: dinsdag 7 november 2006 8:31
Subject: Re: New user question

I set up my to provide site searches on almost a dozen
websites. I built a single resource that provides searches as a
webservice I simply pass it the index name and the search terms, etc.
when I call it from the individual sites and the page of results is
returned as XML. It has worked like a charm and been very easy for me to
extend and maintain.

My only problem has been in finding a decent crawler.  So far the best I
have found is the perl based one provided with the swish-e package but I
have issues with parsing the output.

If anyone knows of a good free/inexpensive crawler that can be executed
in an unattended fashion, please let me know.

If your using with web crawls what spider/crawler do you use?


René de Vries wrote:
> There are many users of A very good example is found here:
> René
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> From: Shaw, James [] 
> Sent: maandag 6 november 2006 20:57
> To:
> Cc:
> Subject: RE: New user question
> Re-sending it to the correct mailing list address since it got bounced
> when sent to '' (someone should update
> "" for the correct mailing list
> email address!)
> One more question: Are there any users of Lucene.NET (not the Java
> Lucene, but the .NET version)?  The examples I've seen so far have been
> using the Java version.
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>> From: 	Shaw, James  
>> Sent:	Monday, November 06, 2006 11:46 AM
>> To:	''
>> Cc:	''
>> Subject:	New user question
>> Just started looking into Lucene last week for possible usage in our
>> desktop product.  Have some questions that I hope to get answered
>> first:
>> 1. How often is Lucene.NET synchronized with its Java version?  I read
>> from one of the Lucene websites that the original Java version of
>> Lucene has gone commercial and is no longer offered as open source.
>> Does that mean Lucene.NET worked off the last open source version of
>> Java Lucene is now an independent effort (w/o synch'ing with the Java
>> version)?
>> 2. I'm a little confused about what version of the Lucene.NET to
>> experiment with and to use in our product.  If I want the latest
>> stable code, is "" the one to
>> grab?  
>> 3. The Lucene I got is still .NET 1.1.  Will there be any issue in
>> converting it to .NET 2.0?  Is it on the road-map?
>> Thanks in advance for answering my questions.
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