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From "sandesh.yapuram" <>
Subject A broad question - What could go wrong if I copy paste a live index and use as backup
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2018 11:36:34 GMT
I'm sorry for a vague question like this, but lemme narrow it down-

I am trying to take back up of my live lucene index(Max size is 1-3 GBs). I
am completely aware of the cleaner 'replicator' module, but I figured out it
is too much code change for me.

So here's what I am planning - I will copy paste my live index into a backup
folder(without closing index writer/reader or taxonomy reader/writer). I
have found a few issues in this approach:
1. Sometimes filesystem throws error file 'xxx.xx' does not exist
2. Index and Taxonomy may not be in synchronized states
3. When readers are open they may hold files and these files are cleaned
after some time , but if I copy them, they'll stay in the backup too.
4. IndexNotFound Exception 'no segments* file found.'
I have no problems with these types of errors, I can fix it and go ahead. 

*What other problems can I run into if I copy paste and later use the

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