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From "Bryan Bende"<>
Subject Pagination Question
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2017 15:22:10 GMT

I'm trying to implement standard pagination with sorting and faceting, and I have some
code like the following:

// Convert user supplied sorts to Lucene Sort, or use Sort.RELEVANCE if none provided
Sort sort = ...;
FacetsCollector facetsCollector = new FacetsCollector();

TopFieldCollector topFieldCollector = TopFieldCollector.create(
        sort, maxSearchResults, false, false, false);

Collector collector = MultiCollector.wrap(topFieldCollector, facetsCollector);, collector);

int start = ...
int howMany = ...;

for (ScoreDoc scoreDoc : topFieldCollector.topDocs(start, howMany).scoreDocs) {
    Document doc = ... // read & process doc

My understanding is that we can set maxSearchResults to something 
like # of max pages * # of results per page, and on every request for next page we 
are re-computing the full set of matching docs, but then only loading the results from 
start to start + howMany.

Question #1

Lets say we are sorting on a field create_date in ascending order, and there are 1,000 
documents that match the query, and maxSearchResults is set to 100...

Is the first result guaranteed to be the earliest create_date out of all 1,000 matching 
documents, or is it only the earliest out of the first 100 that were found?

Question #2

I was originally attempting to use the searchAfter approach keeping track of the last 
doc from the previous page. This seems like it would be more efficient, but I was kind 
of stuck on how to have a client send back the last doc. 

For example, with a REST API, how would you have the client send something back to 
the server that could be turned back into a FieldDoc to submit for the next page?

I imagine Solr is doing something like this under the hood with the cursorMark feature,
but I'm not familiar with how that relates to searchAfter.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you,


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