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From Trejkaz <>
Subject QueryNode / query parser performance
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2017 04:49:31 GMT

I know none of this work is possible to contribute back to Lucene
because the API I've ended up with is too different, but I thought I
would share anyway.

For a query with 10,000 terms:

Before any changes: ~7s

Change 1: Change QueryNodeImpl to hold an immutable list of children
and only copy the children when changes are made.
   New time: ~4s

Change 2: Change QueryNode/QueryNodeImpl to get rid of getParent() so
that it doesn't have to update every time you change the hierarchy.
   New time: ~100ms

Change 3: Change QueryNode itself to be mostly-immutable (tags are
tricky and not done yet), so that trees of nodes don't have to be
   New time: ~80ms

The next ones on the list...

   31.157015    11,736 ms (31.2%)    11,736 ms    11,736 ms    11,736 ms
   17.665968    6,654 ms (17.7%)    6,654 ms    6,654 ms    6,654 ms
   12.397131    4,669 ms (12.4%)    4,669 ms    19,552 ms    19,552 ms

The parser one I probably can't do much about unless a newer version
of ANTLR is significantly faster, but that assertFinal() is
interesting. I guess this method is fairly expensive, and
AnalyzerQueryNodeProcessor is creating a new one over and over again?


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