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From Fuad Efendi <>
Subject Re: Implementing own Analyser components.
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2016 23:28:52 GMT
Hi Sergey,

Here is the table of tags from

Tag Meaning English Examples
ADJ adjective new, good, high, special, big, local
ADP adposition on, of, at, with, by, into, under
ADV adverb really, already, still, early, now
CONJ conjunction and, or, but, if, while, although
DET determiner, article the, a, some, most, every, no, which
NOUN noun year, home, costs, time, Africa
NUM numeral twenty-four, fourth, 1991, 14:24
PRT particle at, on, out, over per, that, up, with
PRON pronoun he, their, her, its, my, I, us
VERB verb is, say, told, given, playing, would
. punctuation marks . , ; !
X other ersatz, esprit, dunno, gr8, univeristy

So that DET and CONJ are stop-words for most cases Lucene tries to resolve.
For example, there is absolutely no need to search for PRON:he since it
will return 100% of documents for a fiction books site.

However, if you still ned to index tokens such as “Brand:Microsoft”,
“Sentiment:Positive”, “DET:123” and so on, you can do it in Lucene, by
defining fields: Brand, Sentiment, DET, PRON, VERB, and so on.

I hope I helped a little :) thanks,

Fuad Efendi
Search Relevancy Tuning

On October 31, 2016 at 7:53:28 AM, Sergey Repnikov (

Hello. My name is Sergeiy, I'm working on Lucene's functionality extension.

As I've read in JavaDoc for "org.apache.lucene.analysis" package, it's
preferably to ask this email before extending, because some features
could be done.

So I want to have opportunity to perform search by parts of speech and
within a sentence. Is there any way to get this functionality out of the
box? If it is, how?

If it's not, do I understand correct, that custom attributes are not
being saved to index while writing "tokenstrean" into Directory? And the
only way to save any metadata, associated with term is to use payload,
and then, while searching, ask for it?

As I've found in Google, payload is being saved not alongside with term,
but it(payload) is associated with term by position count. I haven't yet
understood, how does index save tokens and associated metadata, maybe
that speciality is crucial sometime. Maybe it's not. Maybe there is a
way to extend index/IndexWriter to save and then retrieve custom

So can you tell me, based by your experience, what is the best way to do
what i want?

Thank you.

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