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From Trejkaz <>
Subject Re: Default LRUQueryCache causing OOO exception
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2016 02:56:50 GMT
On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 6:32 AM, Michael McCandless
<> wrote:
> You must be calling SearcherManager.maybeRefresh periodically, which
> does open new NRT readers.
> Can you please triple check that you do in fact always release() after
> an acquire(), in a finally clause?

For what it's worth, I found this API particularly hard to use.

1. I would prefer a withReader(Callback) kind of method to separate
methods to acquire and release. It makes it impossible to forget to
call the release method and now that lambdas are in the language, it
looks a hell of a lot tidier than try-finally.

2. If there has to be some kind of cleanup I'm supposed to perform on
an object, I prefer that to be done in close() so that I can use
try-with-resources like with any other object that I'm expected to

  2b. The API design is doubly bad, because the object it returns
*does* have a close() method, but "no, you're not allowed to call
that, you have to use this other method over here which almost every
developer on the team will get wrong every single time".

3. I wish there had been a version which could keep track of the same
stuff for multiple indexes, since getting that to work reliably has
been nearly impossible. (I think we're there right now, but I have no
way to prove it!)


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