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From Trejkaz <>
Subject Unknown type flag: 6 at CompressingStoredFieldsReader.readField
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 03:24:31 GMT
Hi all.

Someone apparently got this assertion failure on one of their indexes
which they had been storing on a network drive for some stupid reason:

AssertionError: Unknown type flag: 6 at

The valid values:

static final int         STRING = 0x00;
static final int       BYTE_ARR = 0x01;
static final int    NUMERIC_INT = 0x02;
static final int  NUMERIC_FLOAT = 0x03;
static final int   NUMERIC_LONG = 0x04;
static final int NUMERIC_DOUBLE = 0x05;

It seems a bit too coincidental that a 0x06 has appeared, but could
this just be a 1 in 256 chance? Or is there some way 0x06 could have
ended up there?

As usual, no reproduction has been given to us.


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