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From David Smiley <>
Subject Re: "Point in polygon" search with Lucene / Spatial4j / JTS
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2016 05:01:53 GMT
Hello Randy.

If you are on Lucene 6x, or possibly some late 5x releases, there are newer
Lucene spatial implementations that have fewer moving parts to them and so
will be simpler.  I'm almost certain they would be fastest too, although
perhaps that's not much of an issue with only 100k's of data points.  See
LatLonPoint in the "sandbox" module, which will likely graduate to
"spatial" for v6.1.  In particular see the newPolygonQuery method.

To stay within the SpatialStrategy API (in 6x this is in the
"spatial-extras" module, in 4x and 5x it was simply the "spatial" module),
you would approach this like so:

Use an instance of JtsSpatialContextFactory.GEO or construct an instance if
you wish to customize settings.  This is called the "spatial context",
often in a variable of "ctx".  If you reference the latest Spatial4j 0.6
then you can call ctx.getShapeFactory().polygon() which is a builder for a
polygon -- I'm sure you'll figure it out.
This is for building a shape manually / programatically.  If instead you
have GeoJSON or WKT then you will find readers for them from the context.
SpatialArgsParser is another option but I suggest avoiding it.  Spatial4j
0.6 will definitely work with Lucene 6x, very likely with 5x, somewhat
likely with 4x.

Now you have an instance of a Shape and you can see in the you referenced how to search by a shape.  For example
in the filter-by-circle example, swap out the ctx.makeCircle reference with
your newly constructed polygon shape instance.  Otherwise that's it.  It's
not clear if you happened upon that example in the 4x branch but are
unaware it exists in 5x & 6x or wether you deliberately referenced 4x
because you must use that version.

Good luck,

~ David

On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 12:34 PM Randall Tidd <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have what I think is a relatively simple use case that I’d like to use
> Lucene to solve.  We have a database of 100,000’s of data points each of
> which has a latitude and longitude.  I’d like to index these and then be
> able to search for them with an arbitrary polygon.  For example I would
> define an irregular polygon roughly encompassing northern San Francisco and
> search for all points that are within that polygon.
> I see some examples that are close to what I need but have some
> questions.  For example there is this:
> <
> >
> But 1) this is based on Lucene 4.x while the latest version is 6.x, and 2)
> it searches for points within a circle, not a polygon.
> I would be happy to use Lucene 4.x if that provides the best support but
> that version is getting old now and I wonder if there is better, easier
> support in later versions.
> Doing some reading I see that Spatial4j and JTS provide support for
> polygons, but I can’t figure out how to define a polygon that can be used
> with SpatialArgs.  I found
> com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.GeometryFactory.createPolygon() but am not sure
> how to get that into a JTS Shape which can be used with SpatialArgs.
> Basically I’m getting lost in the 3 sets of API’s (Lucene, Spatial4j, and
> JTS) wondering how they go together and can’t find an example.
> I have also tried parsing arguments to create a polygon like this:
> SpatialArgs args = new
> SpatialArgsParser().parse("IsWithin(POLYGON-122.515193 37.781561,
> -122.472924 37.809958, -122.383509 37.808795))", ctx);
> But I get "java.text.ParseException: Unknown Shape definition” from
>, evidently it is not correctly
> using JTS to create the polygon.  JTS is on my class path so I’m not sure
> what is wrong there.
> I see mention of some Solr and ElasticSearch solutions, which I believe
> would just use this Lucene functionality underneath.  I’d be happy to use
> those if it were easier but seems like I should be able to do this with
> just Lucene.
> Here is the combination of toolkits I’m trying to use:
> compile group: 'org.apache.lucene', name: 'lucene-core', version: '4.10.4'
> compile group: 'org.apache.lucene', name: 'lucene-analyzers-common',
> version: '4.10.4'
> compile group: 'org.apache.lucene', name: 'lucene-spatial', version:
> '4.10.4'
> compile group: 'com.spatial4j', name: 'spatial4j', version: '0.5'
> compile group: 'com.vividsolutions', name: 'jts', version: ‘1.13'
> I’ve spent more time figuring this out than I thought I’d have to and
> think I must be missing something obvious, and am wondering if someone can
> help me out.
> Thanks,
> Randy
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