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From Randall Tidd>
Subject Re: "Point in polygon" search with Lucene / Spatial4j / JTS
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2016 19:43:32 GMT

Thank you for the response.  I did indeed stumble upon an example using Lucene 4.x and used
it only because that is what I’ve found, I see now that there are examples in lucene-solr
5.x and 6.x.  After your response I did some more research and see all of the work that’s
been done on spatial searches in 5x and 6.x.  I think I’ll try to use 6.0.1 and then move
to 6.1 when it comes out.

I now see that after the Lucene API “query filter merger” the newer examples use query
searches and no filters.  With LatLonPoint.newPolygonQuery() it looks like I don’t need
Spatial4j at all any more either.  This makes my case very simple, I only have to index LatLonPoint’s
and then do a query search with LatLonPoint.newPolygonQuery().  I see that it still depends
on JTS.

By the way while researching this I happened to Google up the talk that you recently gave
at Harvard CGA, thanks for that, very timely for what I’m working on!

Thanks again for your help -


> On Jun 6, 2016, at 1:01 AM, David Smiley <> wrote:
> Hello Randy.
> If you are on Lucene 6x, or possibly some late 5x releases, there are newer
> Lucene spatial implementations that have fewer moving parts to them and so
> will be simpler.  I'm almost certain they would be fastest too, although
> perhaps that's not much of an issue with only 100k's of data points.  See
> LatLonPoint in the "sandbox" module, which will likely graduate to
> "spatial" for v6.1.  In particular see the newPolygonQuery method.
> To stay within the SpatialStrategy API (in 6x this is in the
> "spatial-extras" module, in 4x and 5x it was simply the "spatial" module),
> you would approach this like so:
> Use an instance of JtsSpatialContextFactory.GEO or construct an instance if
> you wish to customize settings.  This is called the "spatial context",
> often in a variable of "ctx".  If you reference the latest Spatial4j 0.6
> then you can call ctx.getShapeFactory().polygon() which is a builder for a
> polygon -- I'm sure you'll figure it out.
> This is for building a shape manually / programatically.  If instead you
> have GeoJSON or WKT then you will find readers for them from the context.
> SpatialArgsParser is another option but I suggest avoiding it.  Spatial4j
> 0.6 will definitely work with Lucene 6x, very likely with 5x, somewhat
> likely with 4x.
> Now you have an instance of a Shape and you can see in the
> you referenced how to search by a shape.  For example
> in the filter-by-circle example, swap out the ctx.makeCircle reference with
> your newly constructed polygon shape instance.  Otherwise that's it.  It's
> not clear if you happened upon that example in the 4x branch but are
> unaware it exists in 5x & 6x or wether you deliberately referenced 4x
> because you must use that version.
> Good luck,
> ~ David
> On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 12:34 PM Randall Tidd <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have what I think is a relatively simple use case that I’d like to use
>> Lucene to solve.  We have a database of 100,000’s of data points each of
>> which has a latitude and longitude.  I’d like to index these and then be
>> able to search for them with an arbitrary polygon.  For example I would
>> define an irregular polygon roughly encompassing northern San Francisco and
>> search for all points that are within that polygon.
>> I see some examples that are close to what I need but have some
>> questions.  For example there is this:
>> <
>> But 1) this is based on Lucene 4.x while the latest version is 6.x, and 2)
>> it searches for points within a circle, not a polygon.
>> I would be happy to use Lucene 4.x if that provides the best support but
>> that version is getting old now and I wonder if there is better, easier
>> support in later versions.
>> Doing some reading I see that Spatial4j and JTS provide support for
>> polygons, but I can’t figure out how to define a polygon that can be used
>> with SpatialArgs.  I found
>> com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.GeometryFactory.createPolygon() but am not sure
>> how to get that into a JTS Shape which can be used with SpatialArgs.
>> Basically I’m getting lost in the 3 sets of API’s (Lucene, Spatial4j, and
>> JTS) wondering how they go together and can’t find an example.
>> I have also tried parsing arguments to create a polygon like this:
>> SpatialArgs args = new
>> SpatialArgsParser().parse("IsWithin(POLYGON-122.515193 37.781561,
>> -122.472924 37.809958, -122.383509 37.808795))", ctx);
>> But I get "java.text.ParseException: Unknown Shape definition” from
>>, evidently it is not correctly
>> using JTS to create the polygon.  JTS is on my class path so I’m not sure
>> what is wrong there.
>> I see mention of some Solr and ElasticSearch solutions, which I believe
>> would just use this Lucene functionality underneath.  I’d be happy to use
>> those if it were easier but seems like I should be able to do this with
>> just Lucene.
>> Here is the combination of toolkits I’m trying to use:
>> compile group: 'org.apache.lucene', name: 'lucene-core', version: '4.10.4'
>> compile group: 'org.apache.lucene', name: 'lucene-analyzers-common',
>> version: '4.10.4'
>> compile group: 'org.apache.lucene', name: 'lucene-spatial', version:
>> '4.10.4'
>> compile group: 'com.spatial4j', name: 'spatial4j', version: '0.5'
>> compile group: 'com.vividsolutions', name: 'jts', version: ‘1.13'
>> I’ve spent more time figuring this out than I thought I’d have to and
>> think I must be missing something obvious, and am wondering if someone can
>> help me out.
>> Thanks,
>> Randy
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