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From Daniel Bigham <>
Subject StopFilterFactory with french_stop.txt
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 18:02:00 GMT
I'd like to use CustomAnalyzer to create an analyzer that is much like 
the FrenchAnalyzer.

In doing that, I'm using StopFilterFactory.

But I'm unsure how to point it to use "french_stop.txt". ie. What 
FrenchAnalyzer is using here:

public final class FrenchAnalyzer extends StopwordAnalyzerBase {
   public final static String DEFAULT_STOPWORD_FILE = "french_stop.txt";

The typical use of StopFilterFactory:

.addTokenFilter(StopFilterFactory.class, "ignoreCase", "false", "words", 
"french_stop.txt", "format", "wordset")

But this looks for a file "french_stop.txt" and can't find it. 
(presumably it's looking in a completely different location from 

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