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From Trejkaz <>
Subject Recommendation for doing a search plus collecting extra information?
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2015 00:22:50 GMT
Hi all.

I have a situation where I want to look up some DocValues for each hit
in the search.

I have a few ways I could go about this:

    1. Use search() as normal and then iterate the hits at the end to
collect the values (easiest?)

    2. Use TopStoreDocsCollector, TopFieldCollector, etc. as-is and
add my own collector to run alongside them. (Only complication seems
to be that these are no longer convenient to use, because it appears
that you now have to use a CollectorManager?)

    3. Try to extend TopStoreDocsCollector, TopFieldCollector, etc. to
return subclasses of TopDocs which already have the information in

    4. Forget about all these pre-existing collectors and write my own
collector that implements search from scratch and just collects only
the information we actually want. (In this particular case, we don't
care about docId, because aside from fetching the stable ID, there is
nothing we use this for up-front when doing a search. Removing it from
the API would be beneficial for us because it would stop people being
tempted to use the doc ID and therefore introduce bugs.)

The value we want to fetch is essentially our stable replacement for
docId, so I figure other people's applications would have gone through
this already. What did everyone else do?


P.S. My original workaround was to delay it until someone asks for the
hit, but if you don't get it from the exact same reader you did the
search with, you will get the wrong value sometimes. And of course, we
can't keep the reader around forever, because we have no idea when the
caller will stop using the search results object.

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