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From Ziqi Zhang <>
Subject lucene deliberately removes \r (windows carriage char)
Date Sat, 03 Oct 2015 15:01:19 GMT

I am trying to pin-point a mismatch between the offsets produced by 
lucene indexing process when I use the offsets to substring from the 
original document content.

I try to debug as far as I can go but I lost track of lucene when I am 
at line 298 of DefaultIndexingChain (lucene 5.3.0):

for (IndexableField field : docState.doc) {
         fieldCount = processField(field, fieldGen, fieldCount);

Basically at this point I can see that the content field (one of the 
IndexableField) I am interested in has already removed all "\r" from the 
"\r\n" newline characters (windows) from the content. But I am unable to 
trace how these IndexableField are generated, and how the raw content is 
passed to them.

I can be certain that my program did pass strings with lots of "\r\n"

So the question is is this (i.e., removing \r) deliberate?


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