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From "McKinley, James T" <>
Subject Re: Lucene Searcher Caching and Performance
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2015 16:21:34 GMT
Hi Clive,

We essentially do what you're suggesting, namely we create a single index searcher (as well
as the directory reader it uses) on each partition that is shared amongst all threads.  We
also perform various index operations (searching, browsing terms etc.) for a while to "warm
up" Lucene's internal data structures as well as the Linux OS file caches prior to putting
the partition server in service.  I don't know if this is the "recommended" method, but it
seems to work for us.

From: kiwi clive <>
Sent: 04 August 2015 11:41
To: Java-user
Subject: Lucene Searcher Caching and Performance

Hi Guys,
We have an index/query server that contains several thousand fairly hefty indexes. Each searcher
is shared between many 'user-threads' and once opened we keep the searcher in a cache which
is refreshed depending on how often it is used. Due to memory limitations on the server, we
need some kind of LRU mechanism to drop unused searchers to make way for newer ones.
We are seeing load spikes when we get hit by queries that try to open several non-cached searches
at the same (or at least a small delta) time. This looks to be the disks struggling to open
all the appropriate files for that period, and it takes a little while for the server to return
to normal operating limits thereafter.
Given that upgrading hardware/memory is not currently an option, we need a way to smooth over
these spikes, even if it is at the cost of slowing query performance overall.

It strikes me that if we could cache all of our searchers on the machine (ie have all of our
indexes 'open for business'), possibly having to alter kernel parameters to cater for the
large number of file handles, without caching many query results, this might solve the problem,
without pushing memory usage too high. Also, the higher number of searchers stored in the
heap is going to steal space from the lucene filecache so is there a recommended mechanism
for doing this?
So is there a way to mimimize the searcher cache memory footprint to possibly keep more of
them in memory, at the cost of storing less data?
Any insight would be most appreciated.

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