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From ku3ia <>
Subject MultiPhraseQuery:Rewrite to BooleanQuery
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2015 12:37:07 GMT
Hi folks!
I have a multiphrase query, for example, from units:

Directory indexStore = newDirectory();
RandomIndexWriter writer = new RandomIndexWriter(random(), indexStore);
add("blueberry chocolate pie", writer);
add("blueberry chocolate tart", writer);
IndexReader r = writer.getReader();

IndexSearcher searcher = newSearcher(r);
MultiPhraseQuery q = new MultiPhraseQuery();
q.add(new Term("body", "blueberry"));
q.add(new Term("body", "chocolate"));
q.add(new Term[] {new Term("body", "pie"), new Term("body", "tart")});
assertEquals(2,, 1).totalHits);

I need to know on which phrase query will be match. Explanation doesn't
return exact information, only that is match by this query. So can I rewrite
this query to Boolean?, like

BooleanQuery q = new BooleanQuery();

PhraseQuery pq1 = new PhraseQuery();
pq1.add(new Term("body", "blueberry"));
pq1.add(new Term("body", "chocolate"));
pq1.add(new Term("body", "pie"));
q.add(pq1, BooleanClause.Occur.SHOULD);

PhraseQuery pq2 = new PhraseQuery();
pq2.add(new Term("body", "blueberry"));
pq2.add(new Term("body", "chocolate"));
pq2.add(new Term("body", "tart"));
q.add(pq2, BooleanClause.Occur.SHOULD);

In this case I'll exact know on which query I have a match. But main
querstion is, Is this rewrite is equal/true?

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