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From "Harry Yu" <>
Subject 回复: Speed up searching in multiple-thread?
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2014 08:15:46 GMT
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, core i5 is 2 real (4 with hyperthreading) cores. And 
is this the core reason? Are my test methods wrong? 

In my test environment, I used JMeter to simulate 30 threads, and access my search ‍
service. I recorded per-search time and analyzed them.

Best Regards,

Harry Yu

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主题: Re: Speed up searching in multiple-thread?

If you run 30 search threads on a core i5 it's expected there will be
big slowdowns in the per-query latency since core i5 only has 2 real
(4 with hyperthreading) cores?

Mike McCandless

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 3:10 AM, Harry Yu <> wrote:
> Dear members at Lucene project,
> I'm developing poi search application using lucene 4.8 . Recently, I met a trouble that
the performance of is bad in multiple-thread environment. According the
test results, I found that if thread number is 1,  the response time of searching is only
17ms. But that would be 400ms when I increased threads to 30.
> In our application, the size of index is 882M, cpu is 2.4GHZ i5, and test machine is
mac pro. I read How to Make Searching Faster in Lucene-java wiki. And there are only singleton
instance of IndexWriter, IndexReader and IndexSearcher.
> Please give me some tips or solutions to speeding up searching in multiple-thread. Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Harry Yu‍

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