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From Kumaran R <>
Subject Re: Is housekeeping of Lucene indexes block index update but allow search ?
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 15:45:46 GMT
Hi Gaurav

1.When you opened index to write,till you close that index, there will
be a lock to do further write. But not for search. During merge, index
needs 3X ( not sure 2X?) of more storage space, i believe that is the
reason for no blocking for search. ( any other experts can clarify you
more on this )

2. Merge will be taken care by default values( merge factor 2) of
lucene. If u need to control more on merge policy, please go through
about merge by size or by number of segments or many merge policies.

Hope this will help you a little bit.

Kumaran R
Sent from Phone

> On 04-Aug-2014, at 8:04 pm, Gaurav gupta <> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are planning to use Lucene 4.8.1 over Oracle (1 to 2 TB data) and
> seeking information on  "How Lucene conduct housekeeping or maintenance of
> indexes over a period of time". *Is it a blocking operation for write and
> search or it will not block anything while merging is going on? *
> I found :- *"Since Lucene adds the updated document to the index and marks
> all previous versions as deleted. So to get rid of deleted documents Lucene
> needs to do some housekeeping over a period of time. Under the hood is that
> from time to time segments are merged into (usually) bigger segments
> using configurable MergePolicy
> <>
> (TieredMergePolicy).
> "*
> 1- Is it's a blocking operation for write and search both or it will not
> block anything while merging is going on?
> 2- What is the best practice to avoid any blocking in production servers?
> Not sure how Solr or Elasticsearch is handling it.
> Should we control the merging by calling *forcemerge(int) at low traffic
> time *to avoid any unpredictable blocking operation? Is it recommended or
> Lucene do intelligent merging and don't block anything (updates and
> searches) or there are ways to reduce the blocking time to a very small
> duration (1 -2 minutes) using some API or demon thread etc.
> Looking for your professional guidance on it.
> Regards
> Gaurav

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