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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Can Lucene based application be made to work with Scaled Elastic Beanstalk environemnt on Amazon Web Services
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 11:13:10 GMT

I have a simple WAR based web application that uses lucene created 
indexes to provide search results in a xml format.
It works fine locally but I want to deploy it using Elastic Beanstalk 
within Amazon Webservices

Problem 1 is that WAR definition doesn't seem to provide a location for 
data files (rather than config files) so when I deploy the WAR with EB 
it doesnt work at first because has no access to the data (lucene 
indexes) , however I solved this by connecting to the underlying EC2 
instance and copy the lucene indexes from S3 to the instance, and 
ensuring the file location  is defined in the Wars web.xml file.

Problem 2 is more problematic, Im looking at AWS and EB because I wanted 
a way to deploy the application with little ongoing admin overhead and I 
like the way EB does load balancing and auto scaling for you, starting 
and stopping additional instances as required to meet demand. However 
these automatically started instances will not have access to the index 

Possible solutions could be

1. Is there a location I can store the data index within the WAR itself, 
the index is only 5GB so I do have space on my root disk to store the 
indexes in the WAR if there is a way to use them, Tomcat was also be 
need to unwar the file at deployement, I cant see if tomcat on AWSdoes this.

2. A way for EC2 instances to be started with data preloaded i some way

(BTW Im aware of CloudSearch but its not an avenue I want to go down)

Does anybody have any experience of this,please ?


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