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From Jamie <>
Subject Re: frozen in PriorityQueue.downHeap for more than 25 minutes
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 11:53:42 GMT

Thanks for the tip. Sadly, we are only requesting a set page size worth 
of documents at a time.

if (startIdx==0) {
   topDocs =,queryFilter,searchResult.getPageSize(), sort);
} else {
   topDocs = indexSearcher.searchAfter(p.startScoreDoc, query, 
queryFilter, searchResult.getPageSize(),sort);
The page size is set to 50,000.

We've noticed that during major collections, search grinds to a halt for 
several minutes.

What are the best JVM collector settings for Lucene searching? We're 
tried various options and they don't seem to make much difference.



On 2014/06/23, 1:43 PM, Toke Eskildsen wrote:
> On Mon, 2014-06-23 at 13:33 +0200, Jamie wrote:
>> While running a search over several million documents, the Yourkit
>> profiler reports a deadlock on the following method. Any ideas?

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