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From Jamie <>
Subject search performance
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2014 06:51:59 GMT

Despite following all the recommended optimizations (as described at , in some of 
our installations, search performance has reached the point where is it 
unacceptably slow. For instance, in one environment, the total index 
size is 200GB, with 150 million documents indexed. With NRT enabled, 
search speed is roughly 5 minutes on average. The server resources are: 
2x6 Core Intel CPU, 128GB, 2 SSD for index and RAID 0, with Linux.

The only thing we haven't yet done, is to upgrade Lucene from 4.7.x to 
4.8.x. Is this likely to make any noticeable difference in performance?

Clearly, longer term, we need to move to a distributed search model. We 
thought to take advantage of the distributed search features offered in 
Solr, however, our solution is very tightly integrated into Lucene 
directly (since Solr didn't exist when we started out). Moving to Solr 
now seems like a daunting prospect. We've also following the Katta 
project with interest, but it doesn't appear support distributed 
indexing, and development on it seems to have stalled. It would be nice 
if there were a distributed search project on the Lucene level that we 
could use.

I realize this is a rather vague question, but are there any further 
suggestions on ways to improve search performance? We need cheap and 
dirty ideas, as well as longer term advice on a possible path forward.

Much appreciate


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