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From Paul Tyson <>
Subject Indexing integer ranges for point search
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 02:30:04 GMT
I'm new to Lucene and search technology. I've read just enough to be
confused and dangerous, so please bear with me.

My documents have sets of integer ranges, like 1-3,
12-20,....13290-16509, ....

The total enumeration of ranges across all documents will be tens of
thousands. Most documents will have only a few ranges, but some will
have dozens or hundreds.

I need to search for documents with a range that includes a given
number. So in the above example, the document would match "2" or
"15001", but not "4" or "11".

Is this an appropriate use case for Lucene, and if so can someone sketch
out a solution so I can connect the dots? Or is there example code, or
documentation for this sort of thing? I've studied dynamic range facets,
but those don't seem right because I have all the ranges at index time.


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