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From Jon Stewart <>
Subject Faceting and Query-time Joins
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2014 14:05:21 GMT

tl;dr: I'd like to know how to do faceting over the result set of a
query-time join (JoinUtils). If it's not currently supported by
Lucene, I'd appreciate some pointers about what needs to be done.

I'm working on a greenfields project with Lucene 4.6. The application
treats its primary objects as a collection of child records. The child
records are of different types and, unfortunately, are not available
all at once (ruling out BlockJoinQuery). As the child records roll
into the system for indexing, they're represented as Lucene Document
objects that have the primary key of the parent object as a field. The
child records themselves never change, so there's no need for
re-indexing. I can use query-time joins on the parent ID field. So
far, so good.

The problem is that I also very much want to have faceting pertaining
to the parent objects. Googling around the past couple days hasn't
revealed much discussion of how to combine facets with query-time
joins (except "nope": Is it
possible to combine these two features with the above constraints? If
so, how? If not in Lucene 4.6, is there related work in trunk? One
thing I was thinking about last night is that it wouldn't seem to be
too hard to do the faceting for this case by using update-able
NumericDocValue on a dummy parent object, since that shouldn't require


Jon Stewart, Principal
(646) 719-0317 | | Arlington, VA

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