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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject A couple of thoughts on non technical users and query parsers.
Date Thu, 30 May 2013 23:26:36 GMT
Non technical users understand what a field is. All of them might however not know that they
they can use them but It's easy for them to learn that name:john will search for john only
in names.

Non technical users can learn to understand that logic and functionality can be specified
in their queries. That + means boolean expression AND, that quoted text will match phrases.

It's however extremely hard for non technical users to understand that a field might be the
placeholder of functionality such as phonetics. Users can learn that {name.phonetic:john}
constitute a phonetic match the same way as {name:"john doe"} constitute a phrase match but
they might just ask why it's not {name.phrase:john doe}. 

Anyone user can learn to use something no matter how cryptic and strange, they simply get
used to it. But I would prefer if  it was more intuitive for non technical users to construct
complex queries by them selfs.

To a non technical user a field is a field, it's not functionality. The field {name} is just
the field {name}, not a whole bunch of fields with different settings that all of them actually
contains the {name} analyzed in a variety of ways. Field to the left of the colon, matching
rules to the right of the colon.

I'm not sure how it should look and what it should be able to do, but I think a more complex
(for the developer, not for the user) query parser needs to be implemented that fix these
problems for the users. Something in the lines of more strange control characters as when
matching fuzzy and what not, but preferably something even better. Perhaps one need to reconsider
the whole query parsing thing to get it really good.

Did anyone else spend time thinking along these lines?

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