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From Igor Shalyminov <>
Subject Re: Multiple PositionIncrement attributes
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 12:16:34 GMT
Thanks Jack, that's a very good option indeed.

But this method in some sense lacks precision with sentence boundaries.
Thinking of alternatives, is it possible to encode multiple values in a single int for storing
position increment and decode it the same way for SpanNearQueries, and is it not a totally
terrible idea?)


25.04.2013, 15:26, "Jack Krupansky" <>:
> You can use SpanNearQuery to seek matches within a specified distance.
> Lucene knows nothing about "sentences". But if you have an analyzer or
> custom code that artificially bumps the position to the next multiple of
> some number like 100 or 1000 when a sentence boundary pattern is
> encountered, you could use that number times n to match within n sentences,
> roughly, plus or minus a sentence or two - there is nothing to cause the
> nearness to be rounded or truncated exactly to one of those boundaries.
> Maybe you want two numbers: 1) sentence separation, say 1000, and 2) maximum
> sentence length, say 500. The SpanNearQuery would use n-1 times the sentence
> separation plus the maximum sentence length. Well, you have to adjust that
> for how you count sentences - is 1 the current sentence or is that 0?
> -- Jack Krupansky
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> From: Igor Shalyminov
> Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 6:54 AM
> To:
> Subject: Multiple PositionIncrement attributes
> Hi all!
> I use PositionIncrement attribute for finding words at some distance from
> each other. And I have two problems with that:
> 1) I want to search words within one sentence. A possible solution would be
> to set PositionIncrement of +INF (like 30 :) ) to the sentence break tag.
> 2) I want to use in my search both word-distance and sentence-distance
> between words (e.g. find the word "Putin" within 3 sentences after the word
> "Obama" or find the words "cheese" and "bacon" in one sentence within 3
> words of each other).
> For the 2nd problem, is there a way of storing multiple position information
> sources in the index and using them for searching? Say, at least choosing
> one of those for a query.
> --
> Best Regards,
> Igor Shalyminov
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