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From "Oliver Xu" <>
Subject About the Sorting of Groups during Grouping by
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 20:52:18 GMT

I've made through the demo code for grouping search using
TermFirstPassGroupingCollector and  TermSecondPassGroupingCollector.
However, the sorting of resulted groups is determined by the scores of the
top-one documents in each group. ( Everyone of these documents has the
highest score in its own group, that's why it is on top ). This way of
sorting is also thus described in the grouping documentation. 

My purpose is trying to sort the groups based on some way of aggregation
values of the scores of all the documents in each group, such as their sums
or averages.

There is an 'Enum TopGroups.ScoreMergeMode' in the
grouping package with the description as "How the GroupDocs score (if any)
should be merged." Is it exactly introduced for the purpose above? If yes,
how to included it into the grouping code? A demo code would be perfect.

Btw, I just downloaded the very new Lucene 410 version, so 410v is what I'm
looking at.

Many thanks in advance!


Oliver Xu(徐永)
Aigine InfoTech Co.(语擎科技)
Weibo: 语擎-集体智慧编程

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