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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Uable to extends TopTermsRewrite in Lucene 4.1
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 16:34:12 GMT
In Lucene 3.6 I had code that replicated a Dismax Query, and the search 
used fuzzy queries in some cases to match values. But I was finding the 
score attributed to matches on fuzzy searches was completely different 
to the score attributed to matches on exact searches so the total score 
returned was not good. I improved this by extends TopTermsRewrite so 
that if the query is a prefix query we boost it as if was exact match, I 
dont fully understand this but it improved things somewhat, but in 
Lucene 4.1 the rewrite() and addClause() methods are final

So how can I implement this in Lucene 4.1, do I even need to - is there 
a more intuitive way to improve the scoring.

This is what I currently have that wont compile because of the final methods

     //TODO FIXME WAS Overriding methods that are now final
     public static class MultiTermUseIdfOfSearchTerm<Q extends 
DisjunctionMaxQuery> extends TopTermsRewrite<Query> {

     //public static final class MultiTermUseIdfOfSearchTerm extends 
TopTermsRewrite<BooleanQuery> {
         private final TFIDFSimilarity similarity;

         public MultiTermUseIdfOfSearchTerm(int size) {
             this.similarity = new DefaultSimilarity();


         protected int getMaxSize() {
             return BooleanQuery.getMaxClauseCount();

         protected DisjunctionMaxQuery getTopLevelQuery() {
             return new DisjunctionMaxQuery(0.1f);

         protected void addClause(Query topLevel, Term term, float boost) {
             final Query tq = new ConstantScoreQuery(new TermQuery(term));

         protected float getQueryBoost(final IndexReader reader, final 
MultiTermQuery query)
                 throws IOException {
             float idf = 1f;
             float df;
             if (query instanceof PrefixQuery)
                 PrefixQuery fq = (PrefixQuery) query;
                 df = reader.docFreq(fq.getPrefix());
                     //Same as idf value for search term, 0.5 acts as 
length norm
                     idf = (float)Math.pow(similarity.idf((int) df, 
reader.numDocs()),2) * 0.5f;
             return idf;

         public Query rewrite(final IndexReader reader, final 
MultiTermQuery query) throws IOException {
             DisjunctionMaxQuery  bq = 
(DisjunctionMaxQuery)super.rewrite(reader, query);

             float idfBoost = getQueryBoost(reader, query);
             Iterator<Query> iterator = bq.iterator();
                 Query next =;
                 next.setBoost(next.getBoost() * idfBoost);
             return bq;


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