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From Jorge Riquelme <>
Subject About doc and taxo index updates
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 16:28:20 GMT
Hi people,

I'm pretty new to Lucene, but with the help of the mighty  google
(wich knows everything) I was able to implement a text+faceted search,
with progressive refinement. The problem is that I built the document
and taxo index in a batch process, and since then the searches have
been running with those indexes without any modification. Now, I need
to re-index some documents, and update the document and taxo index,
keeping the searches active for the users (and reflecting the changes
immediately... or as soon as possible).

I've been struggling with the javadocs, but I haven't found any way to
achieve what I want (because I don't know where to look for sure).
Besides that, I read some posts in;
specifically the SearcherManager class seems to be a partial solution
to my problem, but I don't how to make it work with the facets. I'm
aware of LUCENE-3786, but I couldn't find the class or anything
related in the Lucene version with which I'm working with (4.0.0).

I would appreciate some advice, maybe an example (xD), or at least
some tips of which classes I have to look.

best regards

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