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From Andrew Hecox <>
Subject Re: Lock Errors within JBoss Environment
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 19:13:07 GMT
On 12/18/2012 01:59 PM, Bowden Wise wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been getting the following lock error when attempting to open an
> index writer to add new documents to an index.
> Lock obtain timed out:
> NativeFSLock@/opt/shared/data/CTXTMNG/PAC_INDEX/lucene/aero/prod/index/write.lock
> Our ingest/index update process is started via a Quartz scheduler process
> that runs daily; the Quartz scheduler is built into the JBoss
> server that the application is installed in. I have seen the related posts
> with respect to the NFS file system. However,
> I have tested the same code outside of JBoss on the same file system and do
> not see the error appear. So I suspect
> that this is not an NFS issue but something particular to the JBoss
> environment or JVM, etc.
> Has anyone run a Lucene index update process using Quartz and JBoss?

yes, we run on a very similar stack -- JBoss 4.3, Lucene 3.4, Quartz to 
wake up our pollers.

Not sure I have any words of wisdom, but I did ask the guy who wrote 
that code and he guessed "either they are having two writers running at 
the same time, or their writer is not closing the index when it's done 



> Any words of wisdom or best practices?
> Could this be the NFS issue but it manifests itself under JBoss but not
> when running outside?
> Lucene version 3.0.1
> JBoss 4.3.0
> Java 1.6
> Sun OS 5.10
> Quartz Scheduler V.1.5.2
> Any thoughts appreciated!
> Bowden

Andrew Hecox
Supervisor, Software Engineering
Subscription Engineering

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