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From Antony Joseph <>
Subject Excessive mem usage with 32-bit app, on 64-bit server
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 13:16:08 GMT

We have a 32-bit python app which uses pylucence and bundles the JRE with it.

This is installed on a 64-bit Windows 2012 Server with 16GB of RAM.
The heap settings are: -Xms=64Mb and -Xmx=1024Mb

It's a web app and works fine when a user or two connect. But if there
are a few more users, the memory usage increases and at some point
there is an "Out of memory error".

By and large, a single index searcher is used and shared amongst
multiple queries.

While checking the Net someone said that with Lucene there is a lot of
memory usage behind the scene (it needs to load some data structures
into memory, etc.) - the questions that we have now include:

1. Does memory usage go up with multiple simultaneous searches - does
it need to load the data structures multiple times?
2. Has this got anything to do with a 32-bit app on a 64-bit architecture?
3. Normally, after a search query is executed, when does the memory
used by the result get free again? Is it after an idle period or when
the JVM hits memory usage limits or what?
4. Could this be caused due to a memory leak in our code? Any "common
mistakes" that we could check first?



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