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From Ivan Vasilev <>
Subject IntField vs (IntDocValuesField + StoredField)
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 13:42:40 GMT
Hy Guys,

Is there some advantage in speed or index size to use this:

IntDocValuesField fld = new IntDocValuesField("fldName", 1);
StoredField fld = new StoredField("fldName", 1);

instead of this:

IntField fld = new IntField("fld", 1, Field.Store.YES);

Searching, sorting and retrieving data from just one object (IntField) 
is easier than dealing with two objects (IntDocValuesField and 
StoredFiel) for the same field.
So as Lucene includes the also latter alternative, there might be some 
advantages using it?


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