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From "Zeynep P." <>
Subject pruning package- question about termpositions && skipTo
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 13:53:01 GMT
Hi to all,

In pruning package, for pruneAllPositions(TermPositions termPositions, Term
t) methos it is said that :

"termPositions - positioned term positions. Implementations MUST NOT advance
this by calling TermPositions methods that advance either the position
pointer (next, skipTo) or term pointer (seek)."


Why do I need to do skipTo :

I added a new pruning class with   public void
initPositionsTerm(TermPositions tp, Term t, ScoreDoc[] sdoc)  method. I
needed it because my ScoreDoc[] is generated with different external
parameters based on lucene basic results. And then in initPositionsTerm
method, instead of letting method to get docs like in other classes, it is
just equal to sdocs. For example, for a term x, sdocs = {42813, 123472,
22477, 76995,  47086, 106424, 68570, 26708, 49740, 116472}, sorted docs =
{22477, 26708, 42813, 47086, ...}. I just want to keep these postings in my
pruned index.

The problem is that when I call pruneAllPositions as it is, it returns me
only {22477, 26708, *107377*} After 28118 is false in So it returns never  true for
(termPositions.doc() == docs[docsPos].doc) with docIds > 28118.( I have no
idea where it comes 107377, it is not even in my docs). However, in
pruneAllPositions when I check termpositions with the code above I have all
docids that I need in it. That is why I wonder why I can not do skipTo and
why that happens with termspositions ?????? 

       System.out.println(termPositions.doc() );

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

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