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From Ian Lea <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.x to 4.x upgrade possible?
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2012 08:58:06 GMT
The release notice for 4.0-alpha sent to this list says "file format
backwards compatibility is provided for indexes from the 3.0 series"
so you won't be able to go straight from 2.x to 4.0.  I'm sure that
will remain true for all 4.x releases.  The comments about waiting for
a stable release of 4.0 surely just reflect the fact that alpha
releases are for testers/early adopters, not customers.

If it was me I'd upgrade to 3.6 now, but paying attention to 4.x as
well in the sense that if you have to change a 2.x call to something
else and have a couple of choices for that, choose the one that will
also work in 4.x.  No idea how often you'll have that choice but
sounds like a good idea.


On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM, Nilesh Vijaywargiay
<> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I need your help in determining whether we upgrade to 3.6 or wait till 4.0
> becomes stable.
> We are currently using 2.x version of lucene and would like to upgrade to
> 3.6(and 4.0 ultimately). But we were informed by few blogs that 4.0 will
> not be backward compatible which means that the our customers who currently
> have 2.x will not be able to upgrade to our latest release which would have
> 4.0.
> Another blog mentioned that people using 2.x and looking upgrade to 4.0
> should wait till 4.0 becomes stable. We are kind of confused with
> contracting thoughts here. Does it mean that 4.0 ALPHA doesn't support
> backward compatibility and recommendation is to use 4.0 stable for backward
> compatiblity?
> Basically, to embark on process of upgrading lucene to 3.6(and 4.0 later)
> depends on whether customer having 2.x can upgrade to 4.0 or not.
> Thanks

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