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From Andrzej Bialecki>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Luke 4.0.0-ALPHA released
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 18:47:42 GMT
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the release of Luke - The Lucene Index Toolbox for 
Lucene 4.0.0-ALPHA. Standalone binary and sources are available as usual 

Changes in v. 4.0-ALPHA (released on 2012.07.17):
This is a major upgrade of Luke to Lucene 4.0-ALPHA.

This upgrade changes and/or removes some of the Luke functionality, 
either because it's no longer available in Lucene or it would be too 
difficult to port. Specifically:

  - norms modification is not supported,
  - deleting by docid (and ranges) is not supported, instead you can 
delete by query,
  - "replacing" document is not supported (not easy to pinpoint the 
document to delete).

Large parts of Luke had to be re-written or heavily modified. As a 
consequence I'm pretty sure there will be many new bugs and some missing 
features. Please report these, preferably with Apache-style patches to 
fix them - thank you!

Other changes in this version:

* Add term offsets when available to "Show Positions" dialog.

* Modify the list of field flags to better reflect the available field 
information. FieldType is not always reliable, and some type informaton 
is not preserved in the index (e.g. whether an indexed field was tokenized).

* Add detailed segment information in the Files section. This includes 
Codec and FieldInfo-level details not available elsewhere.

* Add support for explaining automaton queries' structure.

* Bring back format details for old indexes (available when opening 
without IndexReader).

* Add clipboard copy function in more places.

* Issue 36: XMLExporter generating invalid XML, when special characters 
are present in a TermVector field (Craig.Stires)

* Issue 19: Custom directory implementation must be inherited from 
FSDirectory (mitja.lenic)

* Issue 21: luke tarball needs to extract to a "luke" directory 
(bevan.koopman, Photodeus)

* Issue 27: Cannot add or edit documents using StandardAnalyzer 

Thanks to all contributors. Enjoy!

Best regards,
Andrzej Bialecki, blog
  ___.,___,___,___,_._. __________________<><____________________
[___||.__|__/|__||\/|: Information Retrieval, System Integration
___|||__||..\|..||..|: Contact: info at sigram dot com

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