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From Danil ŢORIN <>
Subject Re: any good idea for loading fields into memory?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 12:58:04 GMT
I think you are looking for FieldCache.

I'm not sure the current status in 4x, but it worked in 2.9/3.x.
Basically it's an array, so access is quite straight forward, and the
best part IndexReader manage those for you, so on reopen only new
segments are read.

Small catch is that FiledCaches are per segment, so you need to be
careful if you want to retrieve data using global document ids.
However if you are building result set in your own Collector, using
FieldCache is quite straight forward.

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 3:49 PM, Li Li <> wrote:
> hi all
>    I need to return certain fields of all matched documents quickly.
> I am now using Document.get(field), but the performance is not well
> enough. Originally I use HashMap to store these fields. it's much
> faster but I have to maintain two storage systems. Now I am
> reconstructing this project. I want to store everything in lucene.
>    when I use an IndexSearcher to perform searching, I can get
> related fields by docID. it must thread safe. And like the IndexReader
> it's a snapshot of the index
>    Here are some solutions I can come up with:
>    1. StringIndex
>       I have considered StringIndex but some fields need to tokenize.
> maybe I can use two fields, one is tokenized for searching. Another is
> indexed but not analyzed, the later one is only used for StringIndex.
> If there is any better solution, maybe I have to use this one.
>    2. Associating a Map with each IndexReader
>       when the IndexReader is opened or reopened, I need to iterate
> through each documents of this Reader and put everything into a map.
> The problem is it's slower and I don't know whether it's problematic
> with NRT.
>    is there any other better solution? thanks.
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