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From Chris Bamford <>
Subject Re: Memory question
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 16:49:43 GMT
This is a progress update on the issue:

I have tried several things and they all gave improvements. In order of magnitude they are

1) Reduced heap space from 6GB to 3GB.
This on it's own has so far been the biggest win as swapping almost completely stopped after
this step. 

2) Began limiting the number of cached IndexSearchers. This is because previously with non-mmapped
indexes sitting in the heap, I evicted cached items based on heap size calculations - obviously,
this is no longer the way to go. Now i just count them - which involves trial and error, but
I have arrived at a magic number which seems to have brought swapping completely under control
(even under extreme load)

3) Implemented CMS gc behaviour in my JVM which seems to keep the heap pruned nicely without
affecting throughput. 
Your link to iCMS John is timely as I want to try that next. Will report my findings -- thanks

So far so good - cheers to everyone for your valuable suggestions and insight.


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