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From Christoph Kaser <>
Subject Re: Memory question
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 07:11:36 GMT
Another option to consider is to *decrease* the JVM maximum heap size. 
This in effect leaves more memory for swapped in mmio pages and 
decreases the GC effort, which might increase system performance and 


Am 15.05.2012 21:38, schrieb Chris Bamford:
> Thanks Uwe.
> What I'd like to understand is the implications of this on a server which opens a large
number of indexes over a long period. Will this non-heap memory continue to grow? Will gc
be effective at spotting it and releasing it via references in the heap?
>   I had an instance yesterday where a server swapped itself to a standstill and had to
be restarted. The load average was through the roof and I am trying to understand why. One
of my recent changes is updating from 2.3 to 3.6, so naturally I am keen to know the impact
of the mmap stuff which is now standard under the covers.
> My server caches indexsearchers and then closes them based on how full the heap is getting.
My worry is that if the bulk of the memory is being allocated outside the Jvm, how can I make
sensible decisions?
> Thanks for any pointers / info.
> Chris
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> Sent: Tue, 15 May 2012 18:10
> Subject: RE: Memory question
> It mmaps the files into virtual memory if it runs on a 64 bit JVM. Because
> of that you see the mmapped CFS files. This is outside Java Heap and is all
> *virtual* no RAM is explicitely occupied except the O/S cache.
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> Uwe Schindler
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>> From: Chris Bamford []
>> Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 4:47 PM
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>> Subject: Memory question
>> Hi
>> Can anyone tell me what happens to the memory when Lucene opens an index?
>> Is it loaded into the JVM's heap or is it mapped into virtual memory
> outside of
>> it?
>> I am running on Linux and if I use pmap on the PID of my JVM, I can see
> lots of
>> entries for index cfs files.
>> Does this mean that indexes are mapped into non-heap memory?  If so, how
>> can I monitor the space my process is using if I cache open
> IndexSearchers?
>> The details are:
>> Sun 64-bit JVM on Linux.
>> Lucene 3.6 running in 2.3 compatibility mode (as we are in the in the
> process of
>> a migration to 3.6)
>> Thanks,
>> - Chris
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