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From Paul Hill <>
Subject RE: More About NOT Optimizing
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 18:01:32 GMT
> I think a good question is whether you are really seeing performance issues due to the
1/3 deleted-
> but-not-yet-reclaimed documents...

No, I'm NOT worried about performance.  I've got the message about optimize().  I was just
looking for something I might do maybe once or twice a year when the index was off-line or
not in heavy use to just get rid of what wasn't needed.  It's sort of like cleaning out the
reading material piled all over my house.  I can still live and entertain, but every now and
then its seems good to get rid of the excess clutter and fill the recycling bin and make a
run to the used book store.  

Interesting coincidence, just last night one of our in-house indexes must have decide it could
use some merging and dropped 5 segments (of ~30+) and 4-5 GB (of a total ~20-25 GB). So it
was great to see it in action. 

I'm in no hurry, but I'll be eventually looking into using TieredMergePolicy; maybe as I move
to 4.0 (I think it becomes the default then).  Writing my own merge policy seems a bit further
off :-)

As usual, thanks for the discussion.


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