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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject How disabling norms on a field effects other fields
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 21:44:15 GMT
I have a number of fields that either only ever have a term frequency of 
1 or I don't want them to be disavantaged if they do have a greater term 
frequency, and I never boost the field so I disable norms for these 
fields with Field.Index.ANALYZED_NO_NORM or 

But  if I'm searching using two fields


a:term1 OR b:term2

and A has norms enabled and B doesn't, doesnt't that mean  that 
documents that match B are more likely to score better than documents 
that match A because when the score for a document matching just A will 
end up with a lower score in the weight = tf * idf * fieldnorm calculation.

Thats not what I wanted,  I just wanted a document matching on field B 
which contained three terms to score as well as a match on a document 
field B with one term

Have I understood this right, if so what the solution ?

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