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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Performance improvements for fuzzy queries ?
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 15:01:42 GMT

Using Lucene 3.5,  I created a query parser based on the dismax parser 
but in order to get matches on misspellings ecetra I additionally do a 
fuzzy search and a wildcard search

So a search for 'echo bunneymen' searches for over three fields (alias, 
sortname, artist) and becomes dijunction searches on these and phrase 

alias:echo~0.5^0.71999997 | alias:echo*^0.71999997 | alias:echo^0.9
| sortname:echo~0.5^0.88000005 | sortname:echo*^0.88000005 | 
| artist:echo~0.5^1.04 | artist:echo*^1.04 | artist:echo^1.3)~0.1
alias:bunneymen~0.5^0.71999997 | alias:bunneymen*^0.71999997 | 
| sortname:bunneymen~0.5^0.88000005 | sortname:bunneymen*^0.88000005 | 
| artist:bunneymen~0.5^1.04 | artist:bunneymen*^1.04 | 
  (alias:"echo bunneymen"^0.2 | sortname:"echo bunneymen"^0.2 | 
artist:"echo bunneymen"^0.2)~0.1)

and it gives me exactly the results and scoring that I want, trouble is 
that its TOO SLOW

I tried using a different write mechanism as recommended new 
MultiTermQuery.TopTermsBoostOnlyBooleanQueryRewrite(100) but then it 
doesn't consider the query idf which makes sense so that rare query 
terms aren't boosted, but neither does it consider the idf or field/norm 
of the matching document this seems wrong because this still seem 
relevent, and more problematically the fuzzy query scores are so much 
lower than normal
and phrase matches, so it doesn't seem to work when using fuzzy queries 
mixed in with other queries, is there a better option or even some 
better documentation on the rewrite method so I can understand it better.

Alternatively, is there an analyzer I can use to analyse the fields 
using the fuzzy/levenstein logic so I can do this at index time instead 
then just use a normal term query with same analyzer instead of a fuzzy 


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