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Subject Boolean OR does not work as described
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 15:29:03 GMT
Hi folks,

I have a query result problem I do not understand. The documentation for Lucene 3.2 query
syntax says the following about boolean OR queries: "The OR operator links two terms and finds
a matching document if either of the terms exist in a document. This is equivalent to a union
using sets."

I have performed several queries on my index and the output does not reflect the description.
I always get the first-wins-set instead of a united set.

These are my separate test results:
1. schluessel:23????? => 286 documents
2. vorgklasse:au AND schluessel:13????? => 2532 documents

If I do:
vorgklasse:au AND schluessel:13????? OR schluessel:23?????
It should unite both sets and output them. I still get 2532 documents back. Exactly those
from the second query.

Am I not supposed to get 2532 + 286 = 2818? This is what I expect as result set.
Am I missing something here? If I group the query like this (vorgklasse:au AND sch
luessel:13?????) OR schluessel:23????? I do get the expected result. But both queries should
be equivalent.



PS: search output is avaible as CSV at request
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