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From Raf <>
Subject What's the best way to translate a query in multiple languages?
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 17:07:45 GMT
I have a Lucene index containing documents written in different languages.

Each document is written only in one language and I have a *language* field
containing the corresponding language identifier (it, en, fr, ...).
The *content* is saved in different fields for each language (e.g.
contents_it, contents_en, ...) and I use a specific language analyzer for
each of these field.

When the user inputs a query it selects also the language he is using to
write the query so I can create a *QueryParser* choosing the right *
defaultField* and* analyzer.*
This works fine, but, using this approach, users can find only documents
written in the same language used to write the query.

Now, I would like to *translate* user query in order to find also documents
written in different languages (that match the same query).

For example:
* *user_query =*   cane         *query_language* = it
* In this moment, using standard *QueryParser* I obtain this query   -->   *
* In the new scenario, I would like to have this query   -->
contents_en:dog contents_fr:chien*)

but also

* *user_query* =  +"operating system" -linux      *query_language* = en
* I would like to have this query   -->  *+(contents_en:"operating system" *
*contents_it:"sistema operativo"**) -(contents_en:linux **contents_it:linux*
Suppose that:
* for each index/application I have a fixed number of available languages,
each with its *defaultField* and specific *analyzer.*
* I already have a service that is able to translate words and/or small
phrases between languages I am interested in.

I was thinking about extending *QueryParser* overriding some methods to add
my custom behaviour.

This looks quite easy for TermQuery, for example doing something like this:

protected Query newTermQuery(Term term){

    BooleanQuery bq = new BooleanQuery();
    bq.add(new BooleanClause(new TermQuery(term),

    *for each language except queryLanguage *{
         TermQuery translatedTQ = translateTerm(term, queryLanguage,
         bq.add(new BooleanClause(translatedTQ,
*    *}

    return bq;

But it looks quite more difficult for other query types (without *rewriting
QueryParser* instead of extending it).
Am I missing something? Is there a better approach to achieve the same goal?

I am using *lucene 3.0.3* and, for now, I cannot upgrade to more recent

Thanks in advance,


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