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From SBS <>
Subject Re: PorterStemFilter causes wildcard searches to not work
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 10:39:17 GMT
> This is very hard to follow.  I for one don't recall what you 
> described or what you are looking for. 

Sorry about that, I am using the web interface where the context of my post
is visible to all.

To sum up, my original post was:

> It seems that when I use a PorterStemFilter in my custom analyser,
> wildcard searches malfunction.
> As an example, I have the words "appendicitis" and "sensitisation"
> in our content.  When I enter a query of "a*itis" I would expect
> to have "appendicitis" match but instead I get "sensitisation" and
> not "appendicitis".  If I remove the PorterStemFilter then things
> behave as I would have expected and desired.
> Why is this happening?  Is there a way to apply a PorterStemFilter
> and still be able to use wildcards?
> I am using Lucene 3.2. 

And now I am adding:

> I am applying the PorterStemFilter at both indexing and search time. 
> As for schema, I have 3 fields: title, subtitle and notes.  When the user 
> enters a query string of "a*itis" (without the double quotes of course),
> my software turns this into an actual 
> Lucene query of "title: a*itis OR subtitle: a*itis OR notes: a*itis" and I 
> get the results I described.  However, if I run an actual query of just 
> "a*itis" I then get the results I am looking for.  I guess in this case 
> it's using the default field that I specify in creating the QueryParser 
> which is "notes" but if I change the actual query to "notes: a*itis" I 
> still get the undesirable results. 
> Any idea why I am seeing this behaviour?  Again, if I remove the 
> PorterStemFilter from my custom analyzer (which I use at both indexing and 
> search time) then I get the results I want (albeit I lose the other 
> functionality which I also need). 

I hope that's a bit clearer.  Any ideas to explain and/or resolve this?



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