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From Em <>
Subject Re: FacetedSearch DrillDown
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:04:11 GMT
Hi Mihai,

what about having an extra field per level?

doc1: [day:monday], [hour:11pm], [minute:22], [second:00], [year:2011],
[month:October], [calendar day:11]...

This way you do not need to hack and you can easily extend your format
if you want to add new dimensions in future.

I did not work with Pivot-Facets but I think this is what they were made

However, if you want to drilldown the full path this will be a huge

If I were in your shoes, I would try to find a usefull balance for what
you want and what your users need.

If your users are searching for a special document with a special
keyphrase and they are able to specify year, month and day just by
clicking on it, wouldn't this be enough for 95% of all queries?
Why killing the overall performance for just 5% of your queries?

Think about whether it would be better in sense of performance and in
sense of usability, if you refine your results as soon as a user decides
that he/she needs to add a new date-detail to the query.

Hope this helps,

Am 21.09.2011 21:44, schrieb Mihai Caraman:
> 2011/9/21 Shai Erera <>
>> What do you mean "up to lvl3"?
> "as *deep *as lvl3" :P
> In this example, let's look at these lvls as a tree(like n-ary tree) with
> root in a unique value at(the top) lvl 1
> with category [l1, l2, l3] and one with [l1, l2],
> All documents have the same depth (of categories) so as:
>             lvl1       lvl2     lvl3
> doc1: monday, 1pm,  3min
> doc2: monday, 1pm,  4min
> doc3: monday, 2pm,  3min
> and you ask to count "l1", you will get2.
>  i'm looking to get(with drilling all the way down) (with *:number* being
> the value=number of results):
> monday:3{
>   -1pm:2{
>     -3min:1
>     -4min:1
>    }
>   -2pm:1{
>     -3min:1
>    }
> }
> I've managed to do this with repetive searches
> I search for monday, get 1pm,2pm
>     Then I search for monday/1pm , get 3min,4min
>         And Then I search for monday/1pm/3min... and so forth for every
> branch in this *categoryTree*
> The question being, is there a faster way?isn't DrillDown.query(...) meant
> for this?
> Where can i find more documentation on this kind of search, I'm interested
> in occupied space and computing time, because I imagine it's not meant for
> huge depths or lots of categories.
> Again thanks for the reply and I appreciate very much this fantastic
> feature!
> Mihai

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