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From Federico Fissore <>
Subject Re: SSD Experience (on developer machine)
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 14:10:47 GMT
Toke Eskildsen, il 23/08/2011 13:37, ha scritto:
> Yes, the first generation of SSDs had bad wear-leveling and there has
> been some exceptionally bad eggs along the way, but we're long past that
> point now. All brand name SSDs use wear leveling and unless you set up
> pathological destruction cases (fill the drive to 99% and keep
> re-writing the last 1% ) the drive will be obsolete before it wears out.

Maybe this still is a point, thinking at how easy is today to fill your 
local storage: for example, a "common" user will store video files. I 
don't because that one and other articles have scared me (and here 
definitely fear = lack of information)

So me too will like a more technical analysis if available

How long past that point do you think we are? Can you give some minimum 
"model" age? Say, OCZ Vertex since 2 and Intel since 320 ?

> Efficiently as speed, yes. Efficiently as minimizing writes, no. On the
> contrary, disk swapping is much faster on SSDs along with temporary
> files and all the other secondary writes that are done throughout the
> day. Hit them hard. They're designed for it.

ok for the swap speed, but in using the ssd with swap and temp files 
enabled, you are saying the opposite of articles around such as

btw, if less free disk space = more destructive scenario, then the 
bigger the safer, and here the price/size ratio suggest a conservative 
use of SSD. Mine is 120GB and is 60% filled and I'd like not to go 
beyond that point, to avoid surprises

best regards


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