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From David Nemeskey <>
Subject Re: SSD Experience (on developer machine)
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 09:46:09 GMT

interesting discussion about SSDs.

On 2011 August 23, Tuesday 20:56:44 Toke Eskildsen wrote:
> > 50TB before _every single cell in the drive_ gives up. You will change
> > the drive much sooner, probably at the first two occasions of corrupted
> > data.
> 50TB for the 5GB of cells. The rest of the cells will be fine since
> they've only ever been written to once in this artificial
> destroy-the-drive test case. Of course that still leaves the drive
> unusable.
Theoretically, in the case described above, it would be possible to move 
'static' data (data of cells that have not been written to for a long time) to 
the 5GB in question and use the 'fresher' cells as free space; this could be 
done in a round-robin fashion. Do SSDs (or some one them) implement a similar 
functionality? Or alternatively, are there tools that do this?

David Nemeskey

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