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From "Joseph MarkAnthony" <>
Subject No subsearcher in Lucene 3.3?
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 18:54:08 GMT
    In the past (Lucene version 2.x) I successfully used MultiSearcher.subsearcher() to identify
the searchable within a MultiSearcher to which a hit belonged.

In moving to Lucene 3.3, MultiSearcher is now deprecated, and I am trying to create a standard
IndexSearcher over a MultiReader.  I haven't gotten this to work yet but it appears to be
the correct approach.  However, I cannot find any corresponding "subsearcher" method that
could identify which subreader is the one that finds the hit.

For example, it used to be straightforward:

Create a MultiSearcher over several Searchables, and call MultiSearcher.subsearcher to get
the searchable that holds each search hit.

Now, I am creating an IndexSearcher over a MultiReader, which is created over an array of
IndexReaders.   So when I get a hit, what's the best way to determine which of the several
subReaders the hit came from?

Thanks in advance,

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