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From Bob Rhodes <>
Subject RE: questions about searching lucene 3.2
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 19:46:52 GMT
Here is a follow-up. This is a larger example of some of the text I'm
searching in my index:
The quoted name/value pairs are in the index.
middleName="D", zip="1111", lastName="ADAMSON", street="00 SOME ST",
addAssociates="true", state="CA", city="ROCHESTER", source="SOMESOURCE",
person_user="TESTUSER", dob="19510210", firstName="CHARLES"

If I use my app or Luke to search for ADAMSON I get matches when searching
the field above that contains the example text. I get the same results if I
search by the dob value 19510210 works great. 
The field content is variable and when the field above only contains
phoneNumber="(904) 555-1212" there is no way for me to find this exact

If I use the ClassicAnalyzer this I can use this to find my number by just
searching "(904) 501-0560" for the number.

I think this more clearly states my issue. Is the problem related to the
parens? I've tried escaping and double escaping them to no avail. Anyone
have any suggestions?

In my code I've used the standard query parser as well as the

One other point to note. The indexes I'm searching were created with 2.1.4
using the StandardAnalyzer but I'm using 3.2.0 to search. 


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From: Bob Rhodes [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 11:56 AM
Subject: questions about searching lucene 3.2

Hi all,
I have some questions about searching 3.2. I have just upgraded from 2.4.1
to 3.2. I am using the standard analyzer to create the index and to search,
and one of the fields is called "querytext" and it has content like this
among other things: phoneNumber="(904) 555-1212". I've tried many different
ways to query this using the query api and the query parser and I can't find
the string above. It seems the analyzer tokenizes the number above as 904
555 1212. The numbers I am searching with are formatted as 9045551212 and I
need to use that someone to find the number formatted as above. Thanks for
the help!



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