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From Elmer <>
Subject Improving disk efficiency for autocompleter / spellchecker
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 12:52:33 GMT
Hello again :)

I've created a autocompleter class, based on the contrib SpellChecker
source code (it creates start1-20 grams, no middle/end grams). The use
case for this class, as with most autocompleters, is that it is called
on each keypress from the user.
What happens is, that on each keypress, a static method
'autocompleteOnField' is called, which creates a new instance of
autoCompleter = new AutoCompleter(

It has a finalize block where it calls the close method of the
AutoCompleter (works the same as SpellChecker). In practice, this means
that every time a key is hit in the search field, my HDD led blinks.
Since I'd like to have an efficient program and reduce stress on the
hard drives as much as possible, I'd like to know if there are some
tricks to reduce this usage.
I already tried using a RAMDirectory instead of FSDirectory, but this
eats up too much memory (out-of-mem exception). 

I'm currently changing the code to have a single instance of the
AutoCompleter that is reused every time 'autocompleteOnField' is called
-> File(pathToIndex)) and autocompleter.close()
will only be invoked once (until the index is rebuilt/updated), which
will probably reduce the IO reads/writes.

Are there more ways to improve disk efficiency?


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