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From Leroy Stone <>
Subject Passage retrieval with Lucene-based application
Date Wed, 25 May 2011 19:46:48 GMT

         I am purchased "Lucene in Action", 2nd Ed., and posted the 
question below at the Manning Forum. Mike MCCandless suggested that I 
send it to you.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

________ the question I posted ___________
I would like the search program to return with segments of a document 
("paragraphs") that contain my search phrase, rather than simply 
pointers to the whole document. in searching among applications based 
upon the Lucene, I have found only one that seems to have this 
functionality. It is at . Can 
someone point me to some other Lucene-based applications where the 
search engine returns text segments from within documents?
Thanks in advance.

N.B. I know Lucene can be modified to do what I wish.  My problem is 
that my professional obligations do not allow the time for me to 
build the entire application that I need.  Thus I am searching for 
one that exists already, that I can adapt quickly, and which has all 
the code with which I must surround Lucene to make a full-blown 

The Bible application I cite requires preprocessing of the documents 
into SWORD format.  I will try that route if that is all that is 
available. I thought I would "look around" (with your help) before 
trying to take on the SWORD-format issue.


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