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From "Maciej Klimczuk" <>
Subject Indexing speed on NTFS
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 06:52:18 GMT
Hello everyone

I did some testing with 3.1.0 demo on Windows and encountered some strange  
bahaviour. I tried to index ~60000 small text documents using the demo.
- First trial took about 18 minutes.
- Second and third trial took about 2 minutes.

I then made another test on other, bigger documents set. I let Lucene  
create index of size 10MB and then aborted the process. This took some  
time and I heared hard drive working (typical "head moving noise"). After  
i aborted the indexing process, I removed the created index. Next, I  
started indexing process from scratch, and it created first 10MB of index  
almost immediately, without disk working (or better described: disk wasn't  
noisy). After that 10MB of index was created, the disk could be heared  
again and index started to grow slower. I repeated this with 30B, 60MB and  
100MB, but all the time I aborted the process and removed index, it was  
recreated to the previous size in a matter of tens of seconds (less than  
minute), and after that it was growing slowly.

How could that be explained? Is there any cache of disk contents in  
Windows or JRE, or...?

If there is a document or site explaining this or it was asked before,  
please forgive me; just searching about Lucene indexing performance on  
NTFS doesn't help me much...

Best regards,

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