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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject Re: FastVectorHighlighter - can FieldFragList expose fragInfo?
Date Tue, 24 May 2011 13:33:19 GMT
(11/05/24 3:28), Sujit Pal wrote:
> Hello,
> My version: Lucene 3.1.0
> I've had to customize the snippet for highlighting based on our
> application requirements. Specifically, instead of the snippet being a
> set of relevant fragments in the text, I need it to be the first
> sentence where a match occurs, with a fixed size from the beginning of
> the sentence.
> For this, I built (in my application code, using Lucene jars) a custom
> FragmentsBuilder (subclassing SimpleFragmentBuilder and overriding the
> createFragment(IndexReader reader, int docId, String fieldName,
> FieldFragList fieldFragList).
> However, the FieldFragList does not allow access to the
> List<WeightedFragInfo>  member variable. I changed this locally to be
> public so my subclass can access it, ie:
> public List<WeightedFragInfo>  fragInfos = new
> ArrayList<WeightedFragInfo>();
> Once this is done, my createFragment method can get at the fragInfos
> from the passed in fieldFragList, iterate through its
> WeightedFragInfo.SubInfo.Toffs to get the term offsets, which I then use
> to calculate and highlight my snippet (I can provide the code if it
> makes things clearer, but thats the gist).
> So my question is - would it be feasible to make the
> FieldFragList.fragInfos variable public in a future release?

No. Please open a jira ticket and attach a patch, if possible.
I'll take a look.


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